Questioning your ERP | ScopeTalk

Asking your ERP system for answers that drive business value Author: Support Consultant – Chau So BI solutions help drive your business towards realizing greater operational improvements. In order to achieve ongoing and consistent enhancement of the business’ functions and …

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Why Choose Qlik? | ScopeTalk

Author: BI Consultant – Linda Bell   Unraveling the hidden stories in your business. So you may already be familiar with Business Intelligence software, what exactly makes Qlik different? The main factor that differentiates Qlik from other BI tools is …

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PLODtrack – New version for Surface and Underground Operations

New PLODtrack® version extends functionality for Open Pit and Underground Author: Gordon Hay – Development Manager Scope Systems has released PLODtrack® 1.70, the mine production data tracking and capturing application for recording, managing and processing mine site data for open …

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Single Touch Payroll | ScopeTalk

Single Touch Payroll – Changes to ATO Reporting Author: GMO – Mark Bogos Overview From July 1st, 2018 Single Touch Payroll will become mandatory for all Australian businesses with more than 20 employees. What is single touch payroll? How does …

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21 Tips & Tricks for Qlik | ScopeTalk

Author: BI Consultant – Richard de Gruchy Here are 21 tips and tricks to help you with developing and designing applications using QlikView and Qlik Sense. Most relate to both products but some are QlikView specific. This is clearly shown …

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Converged Vs Hyperconverged Infrastructure? | ScopeTalk

Author: Client Executive – Jamie Halliday Why Hyperconvergence is Revolutionary With the recent emergence of hyperconverged infrastructure, a cloud enterprise solution, age old IT thinking is being challenged in almost every aspect. It’s now possible to have both the security …

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The 2016-17 Mining Year in Review | ScopeTalk

  Bullish or Bearish…The Year in Review Author: Client Executive – Sonia Turner With the ringing of the New Financial Year bell, also comes the need to take stock and look at the year in review.  And I guess the …

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Environmentally Sustainable Business | ScopeTalk

Author: Andrew Tsen – Marketing Coordinator At Scope Systems, our focus has always been on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards when it comes to conducting our business. It’s on these foundations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that we’ve …

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How do you like your coffee? ScopeTalk

Bringing choice back to infrastructure Author: Client Executive – Jamie Halliday It’s Monday morning and you are queuing in the coffee line to get your first dose of caffeine for the day. But how you take that hit is your …

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The Value of BI Training | ScopeTalk

Why is Business Intelligence Training valuable? Author: BI consultant – Christian Jusuf. Data storage and reporting These days, most organisations have dozens of systems storing business activity related data. Data is stored in SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets or even CSV …

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