We cover a range of industry specific solutions with our tailored solution offerings.

After over 500 implementations, 350 clients, and 20 years of delivering software solutions, you can be assured that we have delivered business management software solutions into your industry. With our large consulting and development base, we have experienced and dedicated consultants that have had multiple instances of implementing and supporting a variety of industries. This, coupled with our industry specific developments, helps us deliver a fully fledged industry based solution for your business.

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Engineering & Construction

We offer integrated ERP and Business Intelligence solutions for all phases of the project life-cycle. Our solutions are designed to increase operational efficiency by giving users a holistic view of their available resources and assets, allowing projects to be delivered on time and on budget.


Professional Services

In any professional services organisation, managing human resources to ensure successful on-time and on-budget delivery of projects is key. An ERP system provides an integrated platform to manage your accounting, resourcing, billing and projects as well as providing a single source of truth for KPI reporting.

Financial Services

Scope Systems offers infrastructure and cloud platform solutions that can help financial institutions keep pace with changing demands, comply with tougher regulations, and mitigate new risks.


Business Intelligence tools & ERP Software can provide your technicians, dispatchers, services managers and the back office team with the right tools to increase customer satisfaction while reducing overheads.


The management of assets and information at both a physical and financial level is vital to the success of Rental organisations. Scope Systems offers powerful ERP and BI solutions that can maximise the productivity and efficiency of your rental business.


Our ERP solutions for manufacturing can help reduce bottlenecks, as well as drive efficiencies in the areas of cost reduction, asset management, inventory control and scheduling.

Transport & Logistics

The Management of Freight goes way beyond the cost of shipping freight. Maximising customer service, whilst minimising logistics costs is the major goal.  Scope Systems can help with our ERP & BI Solutions.

Wholesale & Distribution

By leveraging an integrated ERP system for financials, sales, CRM, supply chain and inventory management, coupling in intelligent stock management and warehouse management system, you can achieve successful supply chain automation and integration.


With a retail business comes the need for systems that can not only operate in real-time, but also provide the necessary insights on supplier performance and customer trends that will assist in making effective business decisions.

Public Sector

Offering an abundance of powerful and cost effective business solutions, we allow government agencies to focus on better services and solutions for the public.

Education & Research

Information Technology plays a critical role within Education in reducing levels of illiteracy.  This ranges from simplistically enabling access to information to the exchange and development of educational material amongst teachers, and to the monitoring of the progression of student learning and development.

Healthcare Solutions

We provide best-of-breed solutions for Healthcare services that want to define their own business strategy that works seamlessly with the widespread healthcare digital eco-system. Offering these services and solutions in conjunction can help address the business pain points of your digital future.

Oil & Gas

Scope Systems is able to offer process-driven, flexible, project and asset oriented business management solutions that manage the total contract, project, asset and service life-cycle of your oil and gas project.


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