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Engineering & Construction

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Engineering & Construction

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Engineering and Construction

With a number of infrastructure projects planned across the nation, there is a growing need to closely manage costs and productivity. Whether creating feasibility studies, managing projects, monitoring activities or maintaining and managing assets, every phase of the project life-cycle contributes to the overall success of construction and engineering ventures.

We offer integrated ERP and Business Intelligence solutions for all phases of the project life-cycle. Our solutions are designed to increase operational efficiency by giving users a holistic view of their available resources and assets, allowing projects to be delivered on time and on budget.

From all phases in a project life-cycle, beginning with the tender process, right through to project completion, an integrated system streamline tasks across various departments. Ensuring that estimators, engineers, project managers, purchasing and operational teams have access to related data, provides a collaborative environment where efficiencies can be truly maximised. Keep track of project issues via an integrated issues register, and maintain control of your projects, meeting your client’s expectations.

Delivering to the client on time requires optimum lead times from your suppliers and sub-contractors. Managing these lead times requires an integrated system that manages the flow of inventory and services from purchase through to consumption. Providing your staff with the necessary tools to raise requisitions, and have them approved by project managers and approval officers whilst away from their desk can have a great impact on timely delivery and client satisfaction. Where portions of projects are outsourced to sub-contractors, you still need a system that manages these interactions, from scheduling, to processing claims and retention, all within the context of your project.

Your assets such as tools, vehicles or heavy equipment, need to be tracked and accounted for during projects. Knowing where your assets are is important when scheduling for projects, as is ensuring that the right controls are put in place to check assets in and out of jobs. Ensure the availability of your assets by implementing preventative maintenance software. By integrating maintenance with your financials and project systems, you can track the cost of ownership of your assets as well as maintenance costing activities to client projects.

When tracking project performance and KPI’s, it is essential you have the right business intelligence tools. Find out how you can better manage your KPI’s from project performance to asset utilisation; and more importantly, identify areas of concern via business discovery.

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