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The Rental Industry is diverse, with many industries served and lots of competition. Rental businesses continue to look for solutions that are flexible and able to handle businesses both large and small in a number of industries. The ability to ensure a company is in compliance with industry standards and legislative requirements is very important.

Customer Service is paramount to the success of Rental companies. The ability to focus on customers and provide on-going communication is key to continuing relationships and thus business. With today’s ever-changing technological environment, it is important to relate with customers in new ways to ensure that this requirement is met. The ability to drive new business utilising similar solutions is also a strong means of providing a return on investment through technology.

Many companies extend their rental requirements in Fleet Management, Workshop, Service and Accounting requirements. These extend the requirements of the solution offering and provide a foundation for customer to drive out value in other areas of business closely related to the Rental aspects they may have.

Rental Companies are looking for solutions that include the following aspects:

  • Integration with Procurement, Purchasing, Sales and Workshop Processes.
  • Multiple Asset registers for statutory, bank and depreciation purposes.
  • Maintenance and work order processing to ensure component and parts costs and values are correctly accounted for.
  • Ability to track using GPS or telemetry device tracking solutions, including the machine hour readings and charging of equipment for cost and maintenance purposes.
  • Asset based profitability and RIO reporting to measure asset performance.
  • Complete Rental and Asset history for physical and financial purposes, including reinstating previously sold assets, lost assets or providing after sales service.
  • Managing inter-branch or inter-company transfers for fleet items.
  • Ability to manage uniquely identifiable, serialised, bulk, batch and non-quantity items across rental equipment.
  • Full workflow capability of the rental process including return of equipment to vendors at the end of an agreement, management of the asset if the equipment belongs to a third-party or returning the equipment to your own fleet.
  • Association of maintenance and repair processes to the equipment.

The management of assets and information at both a physical and financial level is vital to the success of Rental organisations.


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