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Professional Services

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Professional Services

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Professional Services Software

In any professional services organisation, managing human resources to ensure successful on-time and on-budget delivery of projects is key. An ERP system provides an integrated platform to manage your accounting, resourcing, billing and projects as well as providing a single source of truth for KPI reporting.

Being able to accurately track time and costs on projects will ensure you are better placed to act prior to missing key deadlines or incur project overruns. Automation of alerts as well as visibility into project costs arm you with the information you need to identify potential risks to a project before they become an issue.

By utilising an integrated ERP system, where your project management is integrated with your billing systems with projects, allows you to forecast and track true profitability on jobs, enabling you to better manage exiting projects as well as target future projects with higher profitability.

Your resources are key as a Professional Services organisation. Resource Management goes well beyond ensuring your talent has the correct ongoing training and skillset for current and future jobs. Being able to manage your resources effectively is crucial to ensure you have the right resources at the time you need them. This means having a system with full visibility in resourcing schedules and availabilities, as well as being able to locate the best suited resource for the job.

Our ERP solution provides resource management capabilities integrated directly with project management, ensuring a single view of all key aspects of managing your projects and resourcing successfully.

Visual dashboards showing KPI’s and tracking project progress, completed tasks and outstanding issues, provides your management teams with information they need to make informed decisions. With the right set of business intelligence and business discovery tools at your disposal, you will be sure to identify issues and opportunities in a timely manner.

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