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In order to keep pace with ever changing technologies as well as the consumer’s growing demand to shop online, retailers face the challenge of adopting successful omnichannel systems to support this shift.

Such requirements also put further stress on Inventory Management, ensuring that you have enough goods to meet the demands of your customers, regardless of the channel they purchase through.

This brings about the need for systems that can not only operate in real-time, but also provide the necessary insights on supplier performance and customer trends that will assist in making effective business decisions.

Maximising the user experience is certainly a requirement of any e-commerce system. However, one should not overlook the systems ability to integrate with back-end systems in real-time. ERP systems can provide a native e-commerce platform. Our solution not only maximises the user’s online shopping experience, but also integrates in real-time with the back-office. Capturing buying trends in real-time, processing orders immediately for despatch, responding to changing stock levels immediately are all crucial to a successful online retail operation.

Integrating a POS system with back-office systems can be more challenging that one thinks. Traditional solutions often involve extensive manual processing and reconciliation of data between the two. In order to minimise the processing, reconciliation and likelihood of human error; integration of finances with your POS system is essential. An integrated ERP system provides a fully redundant POS system that updates your financial systems and inventory ledgers in real-time, creating efficiencies in your operations as well as creating a source of reliable data to make accurate business decisions.

Maintaining optimum stock levels means finding that balance between your cashflow, storage and sales potential. An ERP system provides a solution that will help your organisation control stock flow through all facets of the supply chain. Coupling this with visual based inventory management software will ensure that not only your processes are efficient as possible, but your inventory is maintained at it optimum level, maximising sales while reducing stock holdings.

Accurate data is a requirement for retail organisations. Supplier performance, customer buying trends, store sales analysis and the like, all require accurate data to be able to effectively report on them. Business Intelligence tools can help you produce the dashboards and reports you need to provide the necessary business insights to effectively manage your business.

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