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Education & Research

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Education Software

Web-based Data Analytics for Teachers/ Parents & Principals

Numerous Schools Management software products are currently implemented across K-12 schools Australia wide.  Leveraging this information effectively is still a challenge for many schools.  Scope Systems offers a comprehensive web-based data visualization software product – edifi –  which offers insight into student information across parents, teachers and principals.

Managing Schools Infrastructure

Information Technology plays a critical role within Education in reducing levels of illiteracy.  This ranges from simplistically enabling access to information to the exchange and development of educational material amongst teachers, and to the monitoring of the progression of student learning and development.  A typical education institution will have numerous systems in play to effectively manage all these outcomes. However, bringing all this data together from disparate systems in a view that allows for effective analysis and monitoring is a fundamental challenge.  We assist a number of education institutions in the reporting and analysis of data critical to educational outcomes.

Managing technology infrastructure is an ever growing problem with the range of different devices and form factors.  This becomes even more complex with the introduction of bring your own devices (BYOD) – ipads, smartphones etc to server management critical in support of IT operations.  The extent of technology usage in many instances scales to that of a small enterprise organization.  We offer new convergent technology solutions to help schools, colleges and higher educational institutions effectively manage their IT server infrastructure to ensure high availability and cost reduction in not over provisioning of hardware.

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