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Transport & Logistics

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Transport & Logistics

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Transport Management Systems and the Supply Chain

Transport Companies have traditionally worked with tight margins, given their high fixed costs. Technology investments provide the best way to cut those costs and deliver better services. This in turn allows companies to have a platform for growth.

The Management of Freight goes way beyond the cost of shipping freight. Maximising customer service, whilst minimising logistics costs is the major goal. The movement of product from origin to destination efficiently, reliably and in a cost-effective way is extremely important to all organisations in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Logistics.

Shippers and Transportation companies continue to look for solutions in terms of service levels and freight savings. These extend to the following areas:

With reporting and analytics capabilities, management of carriers and modes of transport can be analysed to improve service quality.

Improved freight management leads to improved warehouse processes. Our Warehouse management system can help you significantly improve efficiency. This Warehouse management system aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, and process the associated transactions such as shipping, receiving and picking up.

Optimising the way shipments occur, such as the use of pool point distribution programs or setting up inbound programs between locations within the organisation.

Track and Trace capabilities will improve the communication between customers, employees and the organisation.

Route optimisation and scheduling provides a vital competitive edge and optimises profitability.

With our Inventory management software , you can ensure that customers are receiving their shipments on time, allowing for improved inventory planning, which contributes to better forecasting.

Employing proper freight accounting through payments and auditing solutions means a reduction in costs for a freight invoice.

Transport Management solutions offer the key processes of Transport Management including:

Providing efficient schedules, prioritisation based on transportation costs, lead-times, reducing the number of stops and ensuring quality flows.

Providing carrier rate acceptance, carrier dispatching enabling EDI solutions for reduced paperwork and manual entry.

Including traceability at an event-by-event level, administration requirements, invoicing, documentation, bookings and alerts.

Providing KPIs to ensure reporting is available, enabling continuous improvement.

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