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Offering your customers a true self-service experience

Commerce Vision, a leader in eCommerce, is designed to reduce your procurement costs whilst enabling higher sales and delivering greater value through your order to cash processes.

Key Benefits:

Significant time and resources are often devoted to servicing customer requests for information that should be already be available to them. Commerce Vision allows organisations to put structures in place to provide the information customers are looking for via self-service facilities. By implementing these structures, your organisation can utilise its valuable resources elsewhere in the business.

With the steady growth of the e-commerce space, effetctive engagement and communication with customers online is becoming more and more important. With Commerce Vision, creation of online catalogues and store-fronts, can provide a better user experience, increasing sales.

When dealing with larger companies, typical procurement governance and compliance standards may require you to be able to interface with their systems. With the aid of Commerce Vision, "punch out" facilities can be set up, allowing seamless interfacing capabilities, allowing effective distribution of your catalogues.

How do you ensure all of your contracts are legitimate and that purchases are made under contract as opposed to outside of this price range? Without a structured system in place, quite often purchasing mistakes happen due to a human error. To cross check and double check this information is also a time consuming process, Commerce Vision enables purchasing only on items within contracts to remove these errors that can lead to price inflation and wrong stock.

Several organisations have problems with how to restrict employees in the field from buying from unrestricted sources. Mine sites and construction particularly have workers out in the field that have relationships with several resellers. When they need a replacement item, they need it then and there and can place orders quickly. Without any structures in place, this can lead to increased costs and asset management issues down the track. Commerce Vision will allow 'punch out' features to stop employees from ordering anything outside of the allowed stock and re-sellers available.

Increased rep efficiency and confidence in information leads to more sales. With deep information around product availability, insights into quantity and pricing, you can be assured your reps have the confidence to sell, sell, sell.

Commerce Vision Features;

  • Order tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Invoicing Reprints
  • Information on past orders
  • ‘Punch Out’ functionality
  • Mobile Sales solution
  • Availability of stock
  • Pricing of stock

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