Reconcile Data With Confidence.

Mine Production Data Management for Underground and Open Pit Operations.

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Reconcile Data With Confidence.

Mine Production Data Management for Underground and Open Pit Operations.

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PLODtrack is a data management tool for mine production that provides data visibility, as well as several mine reconciliation options.

Designed with the end user in mind, PLODtrack overcomes the regular issues associated with spreadsheet applications, giving users a system that is a single version of the interconnected truth.

PLODtrack also brings the key operational areas of mine operations together in one easy to use system, from Engineering to Geology and Operations to Surveyors, we can capture all of the required data and report on a mine’s performance against design.

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Key Features

Underground & Open Pit Support

PLODtrack fixes common issues

Broken Excel Links

Spreadsheet applications like Excel are great at capturing and reconciling mine production data. That is until they break and the author who created the file years ago has since moved on. Countless hours are lost trying to fix corrupted formulas and links with no accountability as to what changes were made and by whom.

PLODtrack's SCOPESHEETs have the look and feel of excel, but provide historical records that give you visibility of past, present and future changes, restoring the confidence in your numbers.

Access to set up

Right from the initial Administration tab when accessing PLODtrack, administrators have the flexibility to make changes, add new locations & stockpiles, set up new mines, plans and equipment, manage crews and create security permissions for end users.

Reconciliation Challenges

PLODtrack has a number of reconciliation methodologies built into the system to suit the needs of most mines. We understand that each business may have different process and requirement, and we believe that PLODtrack caters for most.

Late Reports

Automated report creation is one of the core features and strengths of the PLODtrack offering. As data is input via the Shift Entry module, both Shift and Claim reports are automatically generated and accessible at the end of each shift.

New site set up

Adding a new site in PLODtrack is available to the end user. The ability to quickly and easily set up a new site with all the underlying data, is at the end user’s fingertips.

Speed of data entry

We have listened to our customers and have developed the application with the end user in mind. It enables fast, validated data entry and immediate reporting to support the day to day operation practices of efficiently managing mine production data.

PLODtrack contains a series of Data Validation Engines, designed to control what is available for selection within the Shift Data Entry. These engines, combined with PLODtrack’s Intellisense Selection functions, mean that data entry has never been faster and more accurate.

Support and Service

Scope Systems has over 360 customers worldwide, and we pride ourselves on service for our clients. PLODtrack is a strategically developed product with a solid road map for the market

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