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Managing and entering invoices in a manual format is inefficient, and time consuming.

Scope have partnered with Redmap to deliver a fully integrated solution to automate this process and in doing so our Customers realise many benefits.


The Benefits:

Remove Data Entry – The process removes all requirements to check and enter the invoice in Pronto Xi. Invoices are emailed to the system, data is extracted and entered in Pronto Xi.

Automated check – The data that is extracted is used to check the validity of the invoice. Does it match the PO, its receipts (including the suffixed back orders) etc. Based on this check the invoices that do not match the rules are routed to appropriate resource for resolution.

Web-based approval – The invoices requiring approval are routed authorised resources and the approval is performed in a device agnostic web-based application. This routing is performed with no AP or Finance involvement.

Complete visibility – Every invoice is tracked through every step of the process and bottlenecks can be immediately identified.


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