QlikView Developer Course

Five Day QlikView Developer Course

Course Overview

The course will take you in five days from a first introduction to QlikView right through to advanced subjects such as complex data transformations, advanced expressions, set analysis and data visualisation techniques. At the end of the course you will be well equipped to design and build your own end-to-end QlikView applications following user experience and performance best practices.

The course follows the design and development of a complete QlikView application for a fictional company and introduces each new concept with a set of business requirements. By the end of the course you will have your first QlikView project under your belt, and have built a complete QlikView application yourself that you can take away with you for future reference.

Day 1

An introduction to QlikView, Data Sources & Data Modelling

We will briefly meet QlikView and then get straight into loading the first data into QlikView and building our first dashboard.

Day 2

Building Dashboards

We will build out extensively the dashboard built on day one, looking in more detail at dashboard design, data visualisation best practices, and core QlikView front-end functionality and best practices.

Day 3

Scripting & Modelling Best Practices

We will look in more detail at the QlikView back-end and how to load and manipulate new data and how best to model data in QlikView to achieve best performance in your applications.

Day 4

Data Transformations & Advanced Expressions

We will begin to tackle more advanced back-end scripting and front-end expression writing, extending our QlikView capability.

Day 5

Advanced Data Transformations, Set Analysis & Security

We will learn to bring to bear the full power of QlikView using advanced data transformation techniques and set analysis to satisfy advanced reporting requirements and achieve point in time reporting.

About the Trainer

The course will be delivered by one of our Senior Consultants with many years’ experience delivering enterprise QlikView projects for our clients. Their wealth of experience will bring real world examples, and additional anecdotal insights beyond that covered in the training material.

Course Availability & Terms

This is a publicly available training course open to all who are interested in gaining experience with QlikView. These training sessions can be conducted here at our Perth Office (West Leederville), our Brisbane office (Fortitude Valley) , or on-site at your location.

Please note: You do not have to attend the entirety of the course, as you we understand you may wish to focus on certain aspects of QlikView. However, to preserve training quality and continuity, we cannot accept entries into the course without the previous days being attended (e.g. In order to attend Day 3, Day 1 and Day 2 must have been attended).

Please register to arrange a suitable date for this training course.

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