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Gaining an insightful understanding of your own corporate data together with any other external industry market information is critical to informed business decision making.  In today’s volatile and uncertain market, empowering your employees with an effective set of self-service business analytics tools will significantly reduce risk in decision making, and help institute operation improvement and business planning on a more time effective basis.

Key benefits:

Running a business on guesswork where decisions are based on “gut feel” or “best guess at the time” is almost like gambling. Data dependent in decision making may be spread around, whether housed in a legacy databases or information residing on the internet. The ability to consolidate mass levels of data and provide access in a simplistic single view is critical.

You can’t be dependent on data specialists to access and interpret information in response to business questions. End-users must be empowered through effective tools to gain access to information immediately and from any location. Consumption of data needs to be independent of time or place and accessible using new modern mobile device form factors.

One of the biggest benefits of an effective BI platform is to understand trends in your business data. Whilst there still is a requirement for the more traditional forms of reporting through standard dashboards for KPI reporting and management, business users are now demanding self-service visualisation tools enabling them to dig deeper and gain more insight into data. This insight will be derived from past historical information, analysing the effect of changes to key performance indicators within your business through “what-if-analysis”, ability to incorporate data from numerous data sources and understand the dependencies of this data.

Controlling access to “who sees what data” is vital to both the security of sensitive data but also to empowering users to consume adequate levels of data in decision making.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • Consulting Services – Business and Data Analyst experts to evaluate your organisation-wide operations and architect a solution which is more than just corporate reporting, but enables quantitative analysis for business performance management. Information may be gathered from various data sources whether internally from traditional system (like an ERP) to external internet (web service) based data sources. We construct data repositories that are engineered for high performance data analytics and work closely with you on data security and governance, restricting access to data based on approval levels.
  • Software development – Our developers construct the most effective forms of visualisations, turning information into insights offering predictive analytics and revealing patterns in your data.  Dashboard for management based reporting on key performance indicators relevant to your business.
  • Software – The software toolsets that form the basis of our solution is from the world’s leading software vendors offering guided analytics and self-service capabilities. These technologies include QlikView and Qlik Sense, IBM Cognos and Microsoft Power BI.

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QlikView & Qlik Sense

Business discovery and analytics tools for deep data insight.

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IBM Cognos

Pronto Xi's analytics and reporting software

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Software Development

Extending the out-of-the-box capabilities of BI software

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Consulting Services

Project management, technical support and education for your BI software

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