Processing invoices should not be so time consuming

Does this sound familiar in your business? Manual handling of paper followed by data entry and storing invoices. A tedious time consuming process that is subject to delays and errors undertaken by your most valued resource, people, whose expertise could be better spent elsewhere in your business

Having document management software takes this time consumptive manual process into a digitised process. The convenience of a content management system allows you access to and the ability to share data anytime.

Adopting a document automation system alleviates this resource issue by empowering you to better utilise your company resources. So why wouldn’t you look at this when it is clearly of considerable benefit.

Backed by the Scope Systems purpose built connector that integrate Redmap document automation software with our Pronto Xi ERP solution.

Key benefits:

  • Gain total visibility and control over your payables process
  • Reduce resource burden by automatically matching invoices to PO’s
  • Retain control by automatically routing invoices requiring approval
  • One central store for all your business documents
  • Automatically distribute customer facing documents
  • Cloud based
  • Paperless office
  • ERP and Office compatible

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Document automation provides a single hub for information, reducing waste of both paper & time

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