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Enterprise resource planning software (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning is a business process management software designed to automate and integrate many of an organisations operations such as purchasing, inventory management, human resources, finance etc.

Integration is the key here, automating the flow of information between departments and sub-systems into a central database. This is in contrast to multiple standalone systems that require manual or custom integration options between them, which are difficult to manage and reconcile.

Key benefits:

Ensuring departments adhere to the same optimised business processes and model will create unity across the organisation and maximise synergy

With controls over the various levels of access to the underlying processes and data, as well as a single source of truth, all departments can be sure that they are seeing the same accurate information.

Real-time access for mobile or remote users is a must for today’s users.

A single source of truth, spanning the entire organisation enables accurate and trustworthy reporting, leading to better business analysis and faster decision making.

Less software packages to maintain; reduced effort through seamless integration; data reconciliation; leveraging cloud technologies; and improved productivity, all contribute to lower operating costs and TCO.

Tight integration and automation between business processes, business systems and resources means you can spend more time focusing on the business bottom line, instead of focusing on the issues of managing and reconciling multiple systems.

Processes to ensure conformance to industry and government regulations.

Scope Systems offers ERP solutions including Pronto Xi Enterprise Management System, as well as Microsoft Dynamics GP. At Scope, we can help your organisation through its entire ERP selection process. From business analysis consulting to determine your ERP requirements and the right ERP solution for you; right through to successful project management and ERP Implementation services and on-going support.

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Pronto Xi ERP software integrates your business functions

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Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software streamlines your operations

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Project management, technical support and education for your ERP software

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