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Managing PLOD sheets to track assets, personal time sheets, material handling, grade control, stockpile reports, operator activity reports and incidents is a long and time consuming process. With no data security, less accuracy than digital data and reduced processing speed, it’s a process which is difficult to update, creating significant amounts of paper that need to be sifted through when you need to review the source information.

Scope Systems mine production data tracking solution can alleviate the common pain points around mine production data entry processes.

Key Benefits:

Reduces the time required to convert raw paper PLOD data and input the information into the system. Rapid-fire data entry mechanisms, as well as numerous key shortcuts allows for quicker shift set up and allocation data entry.

A unique validation engine cross-matches existing records during shift entry and allocation to eliminate data double-entries, ensuring there is only one version of the truth. The assignment of mechanical and human capital, can be performed quickly and accurately.

Gain a deeper understanding of your mining operations performance with interactive BI Dashboard applications. Integration with BI tools allows for granular understanding of activities such as stockpile movements with weighted average grade, or location depletion by shift with overlaying dilution when hauled tonnes exceeds planned.

A role based interface defines the ability for certain roles to access various areas of the application. Data entry clerks, geologists, mine engineers and management are assigned different levels of access and visibility of data entry and reporting, unless otherwise pre-defined.

Understanding operational costs month-by-month can be performed by allocating costs for fixed, variable and consumables. Shift entry data then automatically assigns these costs via a variety of metrics (TKM, BCM, Drill meters), allowing reports to be produced quickly at month end.

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