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At the heart of optimum inventory management is the ability to ensure that you have enough stock at any point in time to supply any requests that are made.

You could easily achieve this by holding excess inventory as long as you are not concerned about the space to store it and people to put it away and pick it.  If the stock is perishable then it also needs to be checked regularly for freshness and disposed of when it has expired.

The most ideal situation would be having the right amount of stock at the time it is needed, to put this another way, having a crystal ball to predict when the stock is needed would be ideal.

If your process to order stock includes minimum and maximum levels then you are on the right path. Having that order process include how long it takes stock to reach your warehouse or store and knowing how much stock you sell or consume per day indicates that you are on your journey.

Scope Systems provides several solutions which achieve the above and can also consider special events (sales, marketing or promotional periods), plant shut downs, contracted requirements, and new sales to Customers or even manual adjustments, which will help you reach your goals.

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