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Environmentally Sustainable Business

At Scope Systems, we are proud to call ourselves an environmentally sustainable business, built upon stringent ethical standards.

In 2015, we had the opportunity to be part of a new cleaner and greener development in West Leederville in Perth, Western Australia.To affirm our commitment to sustainability, we were able to implement a number of environmental initiatives with the primary purpose of reducing our overall carbon footprint. The result is a clean, eco-friendly workspace that is energy neutral and has an abundance of natural light and fresh air.

Our Green Office

In designing our West Leederville office, we were able to implement the following;

A 98kW solar array on the roof generates approximately double the energy required to meet our daily consumption needs. A further 2kW of solar power is drawn from our 3 solar flowers. All surplus solar energy is distributed back into the Western Power Grid.

As part of our development approval, we had an obligation to develop public artwork. In collaboration with Europa Studio Australia and Kentin Engineering, we were able to create 3 unique solar flowers, each measuring 5.5 metres tall and 4 metres wide. These solar flowers capable of generating approximately 1.8kW of power.

As our office is single story and 1,400m2 in floor space, we are able to source around 80% of our lighting needs from a 70 metre long skylight running through the centre of the building.

The office structure and layout also provides an abundance of fresh air circulation (which simultaneously reduces temperature control costs).

We have also implemented four “Purge Fans” that operate during the night, circulating fresh air into the building and removing the stale air from the previous day.

For our lighting needs that aren’t met through the use of our skylight, 98% of our lighting is LED, excluding a few small decorative lights. In addition, we have installed motion sensitive lights throughout the building that only active when movement is detected. This helps us avoid unnecessary energy wastage.

Other appliances include, high speed, high energy saving dishwashers, heat pumps for hot water and a three pipe air conditioning system.

Our basement hosts a fleet of Plug-In Hybrid Electric’s from Mitsubishi, used for official purposes. These cars are plugged into our solar system each time they're parked, allowing staff to simply unplug and drive away when needed.

To ease traffic congestion and reduce our footprint further, staff are reimbursed for public transportation costs to and from the office. As well as this, staff who wish to drive in to work are charged for the use of their car bay for the day. These charges help offset the reimbursement for staff public transport fees.

We also provide bike storage and change room facilities for staff who wish to ride to work.


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We were privileged enough to be featured in an article by Business News Western Australia. If you would like to ask us anything about our environmental and sustainability initiatives, we’d love to chat. Simply contact us.

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