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Your BI Team were absolutely awesome, thank you very much for the support given on this project which was far in excess of expectations.

I can say with my hand over my heart that no other company could match what your team has achieved with us over the past few days.

Please pass on our gratitude,

Paul Moynihan

Group Information Systems Manager
Byrnecut Australia Pty Ltd


Ausdrill (ASX: ASL) is a diversified mining services company. Since its formation in Kalgoorlie in 1987, Ausdrill has grown significantly and now has operations across Australia, Africa and the United Kingdom. Ausdrill is a leader in providing services in contract mining, grade control, drill & blast, exploration, mineral analysis, procurement & logistics and manufacturing. The Ausdrill Group employs over 5,000 staff worldwide.

With the diversification and growth of the Ausdrill Group in a relatively short period of time we required an ERP that could change with our demands. Partnering with Scope Systems enabled us to deliver a user friendly system that makes our work that much easier.

Throughout the change cycle Scope Systems have been of great assistance with our key strategies of keeping the core of PRONTO-Xi unchanged, using centralised business processes, and migrating new business to a single ERP in 100 days.

With commitment, hard work and resolve we look forward to the future challenges together with the team from Scope Systems.

Gavin Bell
Chief Information Officer

La Mancha

“One of the key benefits of QlikView is that data can be extracted from any database, not just an ERP system. There are no limits to where you can source the data from”.

“At month end, our finance department was spending a lot of time crunching numbers and populating spreadsheets, which meant that there wasn’t a lot of time that could be allocated to evaluating data, we were seeing highly qualified accountants literally performing data entry tasks. Now with QlikView, their time has been available to do what they were actually trained to do. They can use the extra time to evaluate, analyse and challenge the data”.

Cameron Williams
Corporate Accountant
La Mancha Resources.

Mt Gibson

“We have sought to determine what our business needs are and then make Pronto Xi meet those needs, rather than being limited to what the standard software can do. It has been cost effective and easy working with scope systems to ensure we make the most efficient use of our Pronto Xi system, and a return on our investments within one year”

Albany Plantation Export Company

We are very happy with Pronto Xi and with Scope Systems. We moved to Scope Systems from a competitor in 2012 and I am extremely happy with Scope and the service and expertise they always provide us.

James Purvis has been fantastic and has good accounting knowledge and understanding. I have dealt with him many times and never had a problem. He was unavailable for one instance and he passed me onto Jacques Magnus who also displayed great competence and knowledge. The handover from James to Jacques was impeccable and the service and accounting understanding was second to none. So much so I wrote a note of appreciation to both James and Jacques peers within the Company. It is important that when things go wrong we have the right to complain… just as important is to praise when things meet and exceed ones expectation.

Kevin Graham
Albany Plantation Export Company

Middlemount Coal

One source of the truth.  Reporting is simplified and there is one source of information for all physical reports (currently there are 2-4 areas and departments that keep records and some of them vary).  Month end reporting is a big benefit

Manage stockpile balances by day/week/ month.  This will show what we have on hand and help us to extrapolate what coal we need to mine and how much product we need to produce to make up the sales packages.  Big benefit for Sales forecasting.

We can breakdown what truck has been mining where and the product moved for that block/strip of the mine.  Helps with inventory valuation (as different strips have different strip ratios) We can report on truck efficiency and utilisation with more accuracy as we have a method of capturing the product moved and the running times.

Chris Burgess
Finance Manager
Middlemount Coal Pty Ltd

La Mancha

“QlikView has profoundly improved our transparency when it comes to cost reporting, creating an impressive cultural change in cost awareness and reporting. In three months, we went from costs going unknowingly into areas that no one understood, to people arguing about why a cost was in their area. We took cost control from one to of the spectrum to the other, quicker than I have seen done before”.

Brett Fordham
Commercial Manager
La Mancha Resources.

Western Areas NL

“Scope Systems’ solution provided Western Areas with a scalable ERP system that has been able to evolve with the Company’s rapid growth, while providing us with substantially more functionality than our previous system. This has supported us in developing and operating world-class mines”

Doral Mineral Sands

The task of choosing an integrated package for our site was made easy once the team at Scope Systems presented PRONTO EMS to us. PRONTO EMS covered every aspect of our business in a way that not only supported our existing processes but consolidated the way we went about our business. The team at CLS were supportive of our requests during the implementation phase and were proactive in their approach to enhance our business practices.

After a smooth and timely implementation, we have been particularly impressed with not only the mechanics of PRONTO EMS, but the help desk support and quality of the Scope Systems consultants.

Jane Gilchrist
Commercial Manager
Doral Mineral Sands

Case studies

Mount Gibson Iron

Mt Gibson Iron has implemented Pronto Xi and QlikView from Scope Systems to help them better manage their operations in remote Western Australia.



Ausdrill Limited have utilised Pronto Xi for over 10 years and it has grown with their business to support the numerous businesses they have acquired in locations across the world.


Western Areas NL

Western Areas contacted Scope Systems to supply them with an integrated ERP solution that would provide them with the extra functionality that they required to support their growing operations.


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