Environmentally Sustainable Business

At Scope Systems, we are proud to call ourselves an environmentally sustainable business, built upon stringent ethical standards. In 2015, we had the opportunity to be part of a new cleaner and greener development in West Leederville in Perth, Western Australia. To affirm our commitment to sustainability, we were able to implement a number of environmental initiatives with the primary purpose of reducing our overall carbon footprint. The result is a clean, eco-friendly workspace that is energy neutral and has an abundance of natural light and fresh air.


Our Green Office

In designing our West Leederville office, we were able to implement the following;

Driven by solar power

Scope Systems utilizes a 98kW Solar Panel Grid on the roof of our building in order to harness the readily available energy from the Aussie sun. Additionally, we created 3 solar flowers (1.8kW each) as our contribution to public art in the area.

As a result, we currently produce 200% of our daily energy requirements, of which all left over power is diverted back to the grid. With the advancements in new solar technology, batteries are also something we are considering in our sustainability roadmap.

Public transport incentives

To ease traffic congestion and reduce our footprint further, staff are reimbursed for public transportation costs to and from the office. As well as this, staff who wish to drive in to work are charged for the use of their car bay for the day. These charges help offset the reimbursement for staff public transport fees.

Hybrid-electric vehicles

We have a fleet of 3 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) available for staff to use throughout the day.

By drawing upon the energy generated via solar power, these cars are extremely cost effective to run and burn less fossil fuels overall.

Energy Efficient Appliances & Lighting

To lower our environmental footprint, we’ve invested in a number of energy efficient technologies and appliances.

  • Lighting is 98% LED, this excludes a few small decorative lights.
  • Installed light motion sensors throughout the floor and in toilets and storage areas, to avoid energy wastage when not in use.
  • Installed commercial high speed SMEG dish washers with high energy saving ratings.
  • Installed High Efficiency Heat Pumps for Hot Water.
  • High Efficiency three pipe Air Conditioning System, Heats to 21 ℃ / Fan only 22-26 ℃ / Cools above 26 ℃.

Interested in our initiatives?

We're always happy to share about how we've made efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. Ask us a question.

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