Advisory Services

Scope Systems’ Advisory Services division focuses on business transformation consulting, IT governance and management services. Our core specialists areas are aligned with mining and mining services to help drive business value in the following:

Asset Management Consulting

We enable business information by reviewing asset information (market value, remaining service life, condition, risk of failure, operational and capital spend). The transparency of assets improves strategic asset planning such as regulatory requirements, business continuity, risk and liabilities. This is extended to traditional asset management planning such as budget and forecasting, resource management, reliability and cost. This assists our customers with making informed asset investment decisions ultimately improving financial performance. We can also help you to drive improved efficiency and effectiveness from your assets with maintenance strategy, asset performance and reviewing corrective vs preventative maintenance activities.

Supply Chain Management

Upon reviewing our customers supply chain, we focus on streamlining their business processes, improve their fill rates and remove unwanted costs from their inventory by introducing processes reviewing historic information. The return on investment from within this area can be substantial once we have identified leakage within the business model and introduced techniques that enable better inventory and supplier management.

Security Management

Focusing on the complexities of the Pronto Xi environment, our team is geared to look at security limitations and data concerns in the form of a service providing a systems security audit. This audit assists our customers in identifying potential issues as well as providing recommendations to assist in reducing that risk whilst simultaneously improving controls. This review is based on the operating system layer, application system layer, database layer, reviewing processes and monitoring data activity. We can assist in reviewing business practices and providing recommendations in the key elements of procure to pay, order to cash and debtor processing.

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