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Why upgrade your Pronto version?

Over the past 3 years Scope Systems has managed over 60 Pronto upgrades, giving customers access to the latest features, connectors and support available in each of the respective Pronto versions. With the launch of Pronto 760 last year, Scope …

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The importance of plant maintenance

Plant maintenance can be defined as a particular set of activities that are required to maintain equipment, machinery and parts so as to minimise downtime and failures. The tension with plant maintenance is to achieve the best possible uptime (e.g. …

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Identifying an ERP for exploration mining

Because of the capital involved in starting up an exploration venture, keeping costs to a minimum is usually one of the highest priorities for the business. This can be very challenging, considering that there are many requirements for reporting on …

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Why partner with an ERP supplier?

The vast majority of businesses today, regardless of size or scale are running an ERP system. Whether the system is in place to manage financials, reporting, resource scheduling, assets, maintenance or any other areas of business operation, it’s successful upkeep …

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Why integrate your ERP software?

Businesses today are more diverse than ever before in terms of their structure, practices, processes and reporting. No two businesses are alike, and while the one commonality is the pursuit of profitability, the means to actually get there are endless. …

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Questioning your ERP | ScopeTalk

Asking your ERP system for answers that drive business value Author: Support Consultant – Chau So BI solutions help drive your business towards realizing greater operational improvements. In order to achieve ongoing and consistent enhancement of the business’ functions and …

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Why Choose Qlik? | ScopeTalk

Author: BI Consultant – Linda Bell   Unraveling the hidden stories in your business. So you may already be familiar with Business Intelligence software, what exactly makes Qlik different? The main factor that differentiates Qlik from other BI tools is …

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Scope Systems Office closure over the Christmas and New Year Period.

Office Closure Our offices are closed over the Christmas and New Year period from Monday 24th December 2018 to Friday 4th January 2019. Our support staff will however be working through this entire period to manage any support requests and …

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PLODtrack – New version for Surface and Underground Operations

New PLODtrack® version extends functionality for Open Pit and Underground Author: Gordon Hay – Development Manager Scope Systems has released PLODtrack® 1.70, the mine production data tracking and capturing application for recording, managing and processing mine site data for open …

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Update: Single Touch Payroll Announcement

The following link is to Pronto’s April update on Single Touch Payroll Scope Systems continues to work with our Clients preparing them for single touch payroll.  If you would like help getting your Pronto Xi system compliant please e-mail …

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