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The Mining Outlook According to RIU

The RIU Explorers conference this year saw a packed full house of over 1800 delegates and 200 exhibitors in the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle. Both exhibitors and attendees there had a pretty bullish outlook, despite the repeated doom and gloom in the media.

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Top Risks in the Mining Industry 22/23

The mining industry has once again faced many challenges this year, with a major one again being the microscope the industry has been put under for its male-dominated culture. This year’s Australian Mining Risk Forecast has been recently released by KPMG and it’s an interesting read on what is top of mind for mining executives.

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Going for Gold – The Year in Review

Take a look at the year in review. From the RIU Explorers conference to Diggers and Dealers, our Sales and Marketing Manager Sonia Turner give her summary of the financial year.

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What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing isn’t a new idea, the first electronic invoices were sent over 30 years ago through an electronic data interchange. Since then, e-invoicing has developed into a safe and secure way for suppliers to automatically and digitally exchange invoice information to customers through a secure network. So why move to e-invoicing and what are the benefits it can give to your company?

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.Au Domain Names Have Arrived

From March 2022 a new domain name category has become available for Australian domain names, with the new, shorter .au name arriving.

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Light at the End of the Decline…Metaphorically Speaking

Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Sonia Turner gives insight into her experience over the past 5 years working with Scope Systems.

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Bulls and Bears…The Year in Review

With the ringing of the New Financial Year bell, also comes the need to look at the year in review and ask the question, Bullish or Bearish?

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Beyond The Horizon

The theme of the recent AMEC conference was “Beyond the Horizon” and with rousing opening speeches from Sean L’Estrange and Andrew Forrest you would have left thinking that the Horizon was very much closer than the doom sayers would.

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