Optimised Mine Reporting | ScopeTalk

The importance of naming conventions Author: Client Executive Adam Brew The last 12 months has seen an influx of capital into the mining sector to both juniors and established operations alike. You only need to take a stroll through Kalgoorlie …

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What’s new in Pronto Xi 740? | ScopeTalk

Pronto Xi 740 – Benefits of the new release.   Author: General Manager of Operations – Mark Bogos Following the recent and exciting launch of Pronto Xi 740, a number of our clients are already seeing the real value of this …

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Software Customisations? | ScopeTalk

To customise or not to customise, that is the question. What needs to change? The business or the application? Author: Development Manager – Steve Hulland The marketing promise of many software applications is that out of the box they will …

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Investigative Support Calls | ScopeTalk

Solving the case. Author: Service Desk Consultant – Sergey Volchkov There are a number of factors that can affect the resolution time for investigative Pronto Xi support calls. From my experience in working at the Pronto service desk, I can …

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Comparative Analysis in QlikView | ScopeTalk

Revisiting one of QlikView’s best features. Author: Qlik Consultant – Richard De Gruchy QlikView has, for a long time, been one of the leading products in the Business Intelligence arena.  Some years ago, a new feature was added to provide …

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ERP System Access | ScopeTalk

Why defining user access privileges is so important. Author: Strategic Consulting Manager – Rob Bradsell ERP Access is all about ensuring that users have the correct access to the data they need at the time they need it. Whilst the above …

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Business Continuity Planning | ScopeTalk

Why it’s crucial to have a Plan B Author: GMO – Mark Bogos Time and time again, we hear of large organisations being torn down from their pedestals due to untimely, catastrophic events. Most often it doesn’t matter who, or …

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Optimising Inventory Management | ScopeTalk

To stock, or not to stock? Author: Project Manager – Rik Hilhorst When I started working, I found myself maintaining an ERP system for retail and manufacturing companies.  At first I thought inventory management was easy. All you had to …

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Investing in ERP | ScopeTalk

6 Aspects to Consider Before Investing in ERP   Author: GMO – Mark Bogos What’s so special about ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can be powerful, agile and efficiency building extensions to an organisation’s capabilities. Most ERP’s have the …

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Pronto Connection to Xeras | ScopeTalk

How Pronto Integrates with Xeras Software. Technical overview Author: Development Consultant, Michael Holecka Occasionally Scope Systems receives a development request from a client to provide an interface between Pronto and another application. In this case this article will go through …

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