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After over 500 implementations, 350 clients, and 20 years of delivering software solutions, you can be assured that we have delivered business management software solutions into your industry. With our large consulting and development base, we have experienced and dedicated consultants that have had multiple instances of implementing and supporting a variety of industries. This, coupled with our industry specific developments, helps us deliver a fully fledged industry based solution for your business.

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Engineering & Construction

With a number of infrastructure projects planned across the nation, there is a growing need to closely manage costs and productivity. Whether creating feasibility studies, managing projects, monitoring activities or maintaining and managing assets, every phase of the project life-cycle contributes to the overall success of construction and engineering ventures. We offer integrated ERP and Business Intelligence solutions for all phases of the project life-cycle. Our solutions are designed to increase operational efficiency by giving users a holistic view of their available resources and assets, allowing projects to be delivered on time and on budget.

Project Lifecycle: Bid to Build

From all phases in a project life-cycle, beginning with the tender process, right through to project completion, an integrated system streamline tasks across various departments. Ensuring that estimators, engineers, project managers, purchasing and operational teams have access to related data, provides a collaborative environment where efficiencies can be truly maximised. Keep track of project issues via an integrated issues register, and maintain control of your projects, meeting your client’s expectations.

Managing the Supply Chain: Suppliers to Sub-Contractors

Delivering to the client on time requires optimum lead times from your suppliers and sub-contractors. Managing these lead times requires an integrated system that manages the flow of inventory and services from purchase through to consumption. Providing your staff with the necessary tools to raise requisitions, and have them approved by project managers and approval officers whilst away from their desk can have a great impact on timely delivery and client satisfaction. Where portions of projects are outsourced to sub-contractors, you still need a system that manages these interactions, from scheduling, to processing claims and retention, all within the context of your project.

Operate & Maintain your Assets

Your assets such as tools, vehicles or heavy equipment, need to be tracked and accounted for during projects. Knowing where your assets are is important when scheduling for projects, as is ensuring that the right controls are put in place to check assets in and out of jobs. Ensure the availability of your assets by implementing preventative maintenance software. By integrating maintenance with your financials and project systems, you can track the cost of ownership of your assets as well as maintenance costing activities to client projects.

Business Insights

When tracking project performance and KPI’s, it is essential you have the right business intelligence tools. Find out how you can better manage your KPI’s from project performance to asset utilisation; and more importantly, identify areas of concern via business discovery.

Professional Services

In any professional services organisation, managing human resources to ensure successful on-time and on-budget delivery of projects is key. An ERP system provides an integrated platform to manage your accounting, resourcing, billing and projects as well as providing a single source of truth for KPI reporting.

Project Management

Being able to accurately track time and costs on projects will ensure you are better placed to act prior to missing key deadlines or incur project overruns. Automation of alerts as well as visibility into project costs arm you with the information you need to identify potential risks to a project before they become an issue. By utilising an integrated ERP system, where your project management is integrated with your billing systems with projects, allows you to forecast and track true profitability on jobs, enabling you to better manage exiting projects as well as target future projects with higher profitability.

Resource Management

Your resources are key as a Professional Services organisation. Resource Management goes well beyond ensuring your talent has the correct ongoing training and skillset for current and future jobs. Being able to manage your resources effectively is crucial to ensure you have the right resources at the time you need them. This means having a system with full visibility in resourcing schedules and availabilities, as well as being able to locate the best suited resource for the job. Our ERP solution provides resource management capabilities integrated directly with project management, ensuring a single view of all key aspects of managing your projects and resourcing successfully.

KPI Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

Visual dashboards showing KPI’s and tracking project progress, completed tasks and outstanding issues, provides your management teams with information they need to make informed decisions. With the right set of business intelligence and business discovery tools at your disposal, you will be sure to identify issues and opportunities in a timely manner.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is in the midst of significant disruption led by empowered digital consumers and increasingly competitive market players. Managing the IT infrastructure for a financial institution is a complex, time-consuming and tedious job. Financial systems are likely deployed in dozens of facilities spread across a large geographic region, each needing to be covered by robust security, antivirus and data protection policies regardless of physical location. Industry, State and Federal regulations can also provide additional hurdles for financial institutes to overcome. Scope Systems infrastructure and cloud platform solutions can help financial institutions Keep pace with changing demands, comply with tougher regulations, and mitigate new risks.

Hyperconverged Technology

Scope Systems can offer new and innovative solutions to maintain peak productivity, while dealing with unprecedented data growth, ever present cyber-security risks, and increasing regulatory requirements. Hybrid cloud solutions have created an incredible opportunity for financial services institutions (FSI) including banks, financial market firms, and insurance companies, by offering the security and control of on-premises IT infrastructure – mixed with the scalability and economics of cloud deployments.

Business Analytics and powerful analysis

As the digital revolution in financial services accelerates, leading firms are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging their most strategic resource: DATA. With BI tools, financial services firms are linking disparate data sources and empowering departments with self-service analytics to uncover actionable insights.

Business management Software

Scope System knows that there is no “one size fits all” ERP solution out there and the types of processes to be supported, skill level of users, overall cost, flexibility, time to deploy, and other ROI factors will be different for different sizes and types of insurance companies. That’s why here at Scope we can offer ERP consulting services to help your business understand what you need today and for your future. There are a number of different ERP solutions that support integrated reporting, and a number that are broadly used in the insurance industry, however it’s important to know first and foremost what solution is feasible for your organization. With over 25 years in the ERP space we feel we can help you make the best decision.


Maintenance & Service oriented companies face many challenges when it comes to managing internal processes, necessary to meet customers’ expectations while tracking expenses, revenues and profits. Graduating from spreadsheets and disparate software applications used to manage schedules, time sheets, materials, billing, purchase orders and contracts provides many benefits in cost reduction, efficiencies and resource utilisation.

Fortunately there is  Maintenance & Service Industry Software Solutions that are out-of-the-box and integrated throughout your business. Business Intelligence tools & ERP Software provide your technicians, dispatchers, services managers and the back office team with the right tools to increase customer satisfaction while reducing overhead. Following are some of the key capabilities of our solution: Our solution provides a single repository of all the information you need to manage your jobs and projects with those on site and those in the office so everyone can make more informed, strategic decisions.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient generation of work orders and field tickets
  • Easy to use dispatching and scheduling
  • Streamlined management of maintenance contracts
  • Mobile Field Service with ability to Generate Invoices and Collect Payments
  • Customer Self-Service Portal

The Rental Industry is diverse, with many industries served and lots of competition. Rental businesses continue to look for solutions that are flexible and able to handle businesses both large and small in a number of industries. The ability to ensure a company is in compliance with industry standards and legislative requirements is very important.

Equipment Rental

Customer Service is paramount to the success of Rental companies. The ability to focus on customers and provide on-going communication is key to continuing relationships and thus business. With today’s ever-changing technological environment, it is important to relate with customers in new ways to ensure that this requirement is met. The ability to drive new business utilising similar solutions is also a strong means of providing a return on investment through technology.


Many companies extend their rental requirements in Fleet Management, Workshop, Service and Accounting requirements. These extend the requirements of the solution offering and provide a foundation for customer to drive out value in other areas of business closely related to the Rental aspects they may have.

The management of assets and information at both a physical and financial level is vital to the success of Rental organisations.

Rental Companies are looking for solutions that include the following aspects:

  • Integration with Procurement, Purchasing, Sales and Workshop Processes.
  • Multiple Asset registers for statutory, bank and depreciation purposes.
  • Maintenance and work order processing to ensure component and parts costs and values are correctly accounted for.
  • Ability to track using GPS or telemetry device tracking solutions, including the machine hour readings and charging of equipment for cost and maintenance purposes.
  • Asset based profitability and RIO reporting to measure asset performance.
  • Complete Rental and Asset history for physical and financial purposes, including reinstating previously sold assets, lost assets or providing after sales service.
  • Managing inter-branch or inter-company transfers for fleet items.
  • Ability to manage uniquely identifiable, serialised, bulk, batch and non-quantity items across rental equipment.
  • Full workflow capability of the rental process including return of equipment to vendors at the end of an agreement, management of the asset if the equipment belongs to a third-party or returning the equipment to your own fleet.
  • Association of maintenance and repair processes to the equipment.

Finding the balance between costs, quality and delivery can be challenging for companies in the manufacturing industry. Having a comprehensive solution to aid in planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring your entire manufacturing process is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive environment. Our ERP solutions for manufacturing can help reduce bottlenecks, as well as drive efficiencies in the areas of cost reduction, asset management, inventory control and scheduling.

Make to Order Manufacturing

Companies that manufacture to customer orders have a unique challenge to balance Lead times with Reliability.  Our MRP ERP provides full visibility across the entire manufacturing process enabling Make-to-Order type companies to improve reliability and our lean manufacturing tools help reduce lead times .

Make for Stock Manufacturing

Companies that manufacture for stock have a unique challenge to reduce Inventory levels while ensuring availability of products.  Our MRP ERP integrates Inventory, software and Manufacturing Resource Planning to enable Make to Stock companies to reduce inventory levels and at the same time, improve availability of products.

Engineer to Order Manufacturing

The key difference between an Engineer to Order Company and other types of manufacturing companies is its focus on Project management as opposed to controlling a predefined manufacturing process. Our MRP ERP combines Project Costing, BOM Software and Product configurator capabilities to cost and track all transactions for Engineer to Order work to be completed.

Transport & Logistics

Transport Companies have traditionally worked with tight margins, given their high fixed costs. Technology investments provide the best way to cut those costs and deliver better services. This in turn allows companies to have a platform for growth. The Management of Freight goes way beyond the cost of shipping freight. Maximising customer service, whilst minimising logistics costs is the major goal. The movement of product from origin to destination efficiently, reliably and in a cost-effective way is extremely important to all organisations in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Logistics. Shippers and Transportation companies continue to look for solutions in terms of service levels and freight savings. These extend to the following areas:

Increased Customer Service

With reporting and analytics capabilities, management of carriers and modes of transport can be analysed to improve service quality.

Warehouse Efficiency

Improved freight management leads to improved warehouse processes. Our Warehouse management system can help you significantly improve efficiency. This Warehouse management system aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, and process the associated transactions such as shipping, receiving and picking up.

New Delivery Capabilities

Optimising the way shipments occur, such as the use of pool point distribution programs or setting up inbound programs between locations within the organisation.

Delivery Tracking

Track and Trace capabilities will improve the communication between customers, employees and the organisation.

Route Optimisation

Route optimisation and scheduling provides a vital competitive edge and optimises profitability.

Inventory Reductions

With our inventory management software, you can ensure that customers are receiving their shipments on time, allowing for improved inventory planning, which contributes to better forecasting.

Cash Flow Improvements

Employing proper freight accounting through payments and auditing solutions means a reduction in costs for a freight invoice.

Wholesale & Distribution

Any efficiencies in the supply chain will ultimately improve your bottom line, whether from direct cost savings, or improved customer experience. With so many links in the supply chain, it is imperative for your systems to be integrated and give a 360 degree view of your suppliers, customers and goods moving through the chain. Streamlining your supply chain will not only provide you with cost and resource efficiency, but will make you a preferred partner to do business with. By leveraging an integrated ERP system for financials, sales, CRM, supply chain and inventory management, coupling in intelligent stock management and warehouse management system, you can achieve successful supply chain automation and integration.

Intelligent Stock Management

An effective inventory software system is key to maximizing your revenue by minimising stock outs while at the same time ensuring optimum cash flow. Intelligent 3D visual models of your stock position and automatic classification can provide you with the insights you need to make the most informed decisions about inventory. Intelligence also extends itself to physical asset management of stock within your warehouse environment. From simple to complex mutli-zoned warehouses, a warehouse management system can help you efficiently manage your warehouse space, control stock and provide the most efficient guided picking route through your warehouse.

Improved Productivity with Automation

Gaining efficiency across all aspects of your operations is essential in order to maintain a competitive edge. Every step in your supply chain offers potential for automation. Go paperless. Remove bottlenecks and human error in the procurement and sales process by automating common B2B and B2C transactions, including punch-out via eCommerce software, purchasing, invoicing and shipment acknowledgement. Warehouse processes can be optimised by incorporating RF scanner software for goods receipt, stock take, picking of orders and stock movements within the warehouse.

Business Insights

Whether it be supplier efficiency, customer buying patterns, procurement analysis or operational performance; it is essential that in order to gain the required insights into your business, you have the right supply chain business intelligence tools at your disposal. Find out how you can better manage your KPI’s; identify trends; and just as important, find further business opportunities via business discovery; a method of guided analysis to discover opportunities by exception.


In order to keep pace with ever changing technologies as well as the consumer’s growing demand to shop online, retailers face the challenge of adopting successful omnichannel systems to support this shift. Such requirements also put further stress on Inventory Management, ensuring that you have enough goods to meet the demands of your customers, regardless of the channel they purchase through. This brings about the need for systems that can not only operate in real-time, but also provide the necessary insights on supplier performance and customer trends that will assist in making effective business decisions.

ERP and e-Commerce

Maximising the user experience is certainly a requirement of any e-commerce system. However, one should not overlook the systems ability to integrate with back-end systems in real-time. ERP systems can provide a native e-commerce platform. Our solution not only maximises the user’s online shopping experience, but also integrates in real-time with the back-office. Capturing buying trends in real-time, processing orders immediately for despatch, responding to changing stock levels immediately are all crucial to a successful online retail operation.

ERP and Point of Sale (POS)

Integrating a POS system with back-office systems can be more challenging that one thinks. Traditional solutions often involve extensive manual processing and reconciliation of data between the two. In order to minimise the processing, reconciliation and likelihood of human error; integration of finances with your POS system is essential. An integrated ERP system provides a fully redundant POS system that updates your financial systems and inventory ledgers in real-time, creating efficiencies in your operations as well as creating a source of reliable data to make accurate business decisions.

Inventory Management

Maintaining optimum stock levels means finding that balance between your cashflow, storage and sales potential. An ERP system provides a solution that will help your organisation control stock flow through all facets of the supply chain. Coupling this with visual based inventory management software will ensure that not only your processes are efficient as possible, but your inventory is maintained at it optimum level, maximising sales while reducing stock holdings.

Business Intelligence

Accurate data is a requirement for retail organisations. Supplier performance, customer buying trends, store sales analysis and the like, all require accurate data to be able to effectively report on them. Business Intelligence tools can help you produce the dashboards and reports you need to provide the necessary business insights to effectively manage your business.

Public Sector

Modernisation is a constant challenge to the Public Sector, as the velocity of change is raising greater concern across government services. The composition of the public sector varies by country, but here in Australia, these services benefit all of society rather than just the individual who uses the service. Despite the never-ending promise and hope of new external technology and innovative solutions on offer today, business pain points seem to be lingering. Citizens are demanding that governments be made more accountable for what they achieve with taxpayer’s money. Offering an abundance of powerful and cost effective business solutions, we allow government agencies to focus on better services and solutions for the public.

Integrated software management solutions

By integrating an enterprise resource planning solution, enhanced customer engagement and service delivery can be more easily achieved. Our ERP solutions also help leverage existing back-office and corporate systems, ultimately reducing operating costs. Seamless flow and view of information helps decrease operational costs and increase customer satisfaction all at the same time.

Future proof enterprise cloud platform solutions

Simplification of 3 tier IT infrastructure tasks such as storage management and optimization so that you can focus on new projects and initiatives such as Shared Services, e-Government, and increased virtualization. By adopting hyperconverged infrastructure, significant reductions to operating costs as well as TCO can be fully realized and taken advantage of.

Information Management solutions

Information captured on citizens and businesses for governmental can be better leveraged with advanced data analytics software. Being able to drill down on large volumes of data and extract desirable information is made easier with visual dashboards provided by Business Intelligence software. Make better decisions with your available public sector data.

Education & Research

Information Technology plays a critical role within Education in reducing levels of illiteracy.  This ranges from simplistically enabling access to information to the exchange and development of educational material amongst teachers, and to the monitoring of the progression of student learning and development.  A typical education institution will have numerous systems in play to effectively manage all these outcomes. However, bringing all this data together from disparate systems in a view that allows for effective analysis and monitoring is a fundamental challenge.  We assist a number of education institutions in the reporting and analysis of data critical to educational outcomes.

Hyperconverged technology

Managing technology infrastructure is an ever growing problem with the range of different devices and form factors.  This becomes even more complex with the introduction of bring your own devices (BYOD) – ipads, smartphones etc to server management critical in support of IT operations.  The extent of technology usage in many instances scales to that of a small enterprise organization.  We offer new convergent technology solutions to help schools, colleges and higher educational institutions effectively manage their IT server infrastructure to ensure high availability and cost reduction in not over provisioning of hardware.

Healthcare Solutions

As the Healthcare sector deals with never-ending complexities, copious amounts of change and rapid development, it’s of little surprise organisations are struggling to keep up. This may be down factors such as having flexible healthcare strategies, data analytics, IT inter-connectivity with business systems, workflow processes and regulatory compliance. We provide best-of-breed solutions for Healthcare services that want to define their own business strategy that works seamlessly with the widespread healthcare digital eco-system. Offering these services and solutions in conjunction can help address the business pain points of your digital future.

Information and data analytics software

Our solutions enable healthcare organizations to explore clinical, financial and operational data through visual data analytics. Interactive BI dashboards allow for deeper insight, leading to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients.

Healthcare Enterprise Cloud Platform

Increasing flexibility, reducing complexity, and improving performance while lowering both initial and long-term costs. Our hyperconverged solution helps Healthcare providers become more agile, allowing them to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.

ERP and CRM business software solution

A bespoke end-to-end ERP solution to ensure you have full visibility of the customer journey and your businesses operations. This Allows your business to focus on the specialist services that enrich the care of the community.

Oil & Gas

Scope Systems is able to offer process-driven, flexible, project and asset oriented business management solutions that manage the total contract, project, asset and service life-cycle of your oil and gas project. The need to achieve real-time visibility, to control project budgets and commitments, maximize asset availability and reduce maintenance costs increasingly sees oil and gas companies turning to Scope Systems business management systems to provide intuitive and powerful solutions.

OGP, FPSO’s and FSO Owners

Companies managing in this industry are looking to control budgets and costs of their project at a much more granular level. Commitments are often low transaction but high value thus require a deeper requirement for cost controls and workflows.

Scope Systems Pronto ERP solution has a powerful project costing engine along with a purpose build purchase requisition module that provides management with the ability to closely manage these processes whilst providing the onsite team the flexibility they require of a high demand environment.

Off Shore Drill Contractors

Contractors to the oil and gas industry require solutions that provide both enterprise asset management and mobilisation systems that allow them to support and control rig and personnel movements along with specific parts and components between the yard, submersibles and rigs.

With Pronto Xi Maintenance, independently reviewed by oil and gas maintenance schedulers, that is able to manage criticality levels and preventative work orders, and project costing that allows the industry to manage to multiple work and cost breakdown structures Scope Systems Oil and Gas is a perfect fit for drill contractors.

EPCI Contractors

Scope Oil and Gas Solutions offers EPCI Contractors a modern, proven, project-driven business solution for efficient handling of large modification and EPCI contracts. With projects and asset lifecycles, from engineering and procurement to construction/fabrication and installation Pronto Xi Project Costing for EPCI Contractors helps increase visibility and improve business performance.

Complex capital project management requires the unique functionality that Project Costing functionality can deliver and will allow your business to manage legal and complicated milestones in a granular and easily reportable way.

Service Contractors

Project lifecycle management, service lifecycle management and asset lifecycle management for advanced maintenance contracting and long-term management of assets is critical for offshore service companies. An owner-operator or contractor doing asset upgrades or lifecycle extensions on drilling rigs or production platforms is met with strict quality requirements.

Unwarranted downtime directly impacts the bottom line and must be avoided. Utilise Pronto Xi Plant Maintenance industry-based software solution for more effective processes and increased service revenues.


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