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The mining industry has always had to manage a certain level of volatility, from fluctuating ore prices to high labour costs and the uncertainty of what is actually in the ground, however as we move in to more uncertain times, raising capital and moving an asset through to production has never been harder.

Over 22 years’ experience delivering mining business management software solutions, Scope Systems understand these issues and with this  knowledge have developed a scalable solution to support you through each phase of your entire mine life-cycle.

The Mining Life-cycle

Scope Systems have utilised decades of experience in the mining sector to select solutions to meet challenges at every stage of the mining life-cycle.

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The Mine Life-Cycle
Mining ExplorationMining DevelopmentMining ConstructionMining Production

Mining Exploration

During the Exploration phase, mining companies are focussed on proving and confirming the value of their project through drilling and Geo Physical Studies.

This phase can be cost intensive with very little return therefore cost management of any drilling campaigns and tenement management are key business requirements.

Project costing is often required at this stage of the mining lifecycle but often missing from simple accounts packages therefore tracking is done through a series of disparate spreadsheets can often be labour intensive for the management team.

Joint Ventures are also a way of securing exploration funding during the early days of exploration and financial management and reporting is required to properly account for the apportioning of costs against specific leases

Lastly, Payroll is usually required at a head office level and needs to be simple and easily administered.

Our solutions for Exploration:

Tenements & Financial Management

XPLOR is a solution based on the popular Pronto Xi for mining. From managing your tenements, to finances, to eventual production, XPLOR is an easy to use, comprehensive solution that grows as your business does.

Business Intelligence

Qlik Business Intelligence and Microsoft Power BI are advanced Business Intelligence tools that can provide granular insight into your data. Make more informed business decisions by understanding the patterns or trends occurring in your mining operation.

Mining Development

Development of a project consists of a number of possible activities such as pre and bankable feasibility studies, possible pilot mining and further intensive drilling.

Contractors may now be involved in providing studies and early material moving for pilot pits and therefore milestone payment tracking and possible asset take on will be required.

As material movement begins so will the requirement to track physicals and any KPI’s associated with advancement of the project.

Our solutions for mining development:

Mining Construction

Once mining has been proven as a viable option through the feasibility studies, and capital has been raised to meet the needs of construction, additional purchasing controls are needed.

Tendering for the expensive capital items and long lead items will be required.

Project Managers on site will require greater control of purchase requisitions against set budgets and milestones, therefore greater granularity of cost breakdown and work breakdown structures will be set up to ensure accurate budgets against actuals are achieved.

Initial recruitment of site managers and early mining personnel may occur so recruitment management and on boarding becomes a consideration.

Mining Production

Operations take on a different set of KPI’s and management with all efforts focussed on the recovery of the metal ad keeping to production targets announced to the market.

Operation, production, asset and people performance become the key performance indicators for the mine, the key business systems and supporting solutions to manage operational performance are required to bring all four pillars of finance, project, asset and people together as a highly profitable mining operation.

Mineral exploration is a costly exercise with no return on investment. Without capital raising, joint ventures or refinancing from other projects, exploration simply would not be able to happen. During this phase, drilling, sampling, environmental permits, bankable and definitive feasibility studies have to be carried out to present a viable asset to possible investors and move the project forward.

Scope Systems Exploration Solution is able to assist the management of the exploration phase and keeping tighter control of your expensive project costs

As you introduce the use of heavy equipment, and move towards full scale mine development you will want to extend the capabilities of your mining ERP system. At this stage, you will undertake Engineering and Construction projects with the requirement to manage and begin acquiring plant assets. The ability to monitor your projects costs will reduce cost blow outs and delays ensuring that becoming operational is on time and to budget.

Scope Systems mining ERP solution allows you to leverage from your initial exploration ERP investment as opposed to a costly rip-and-replace approach by extending it to offer you new capabilities across a wider user range

Once in the production stages of your mine, you will want to streamline your operations to ensure productivity at the lowest cost. Obtaining the required efficiencies will mean having the right systems in place.

Scope Systems Mine Production Data Tracking solution can be extended to address data capture, asset protection and advanced analytics.

Our Mining Solutions

Tracking your operational costs:
The right controls will be put in place to ensure that expenditure is tracked and monitored effectively, and will have positive impact on your cash flow. Putting the right cost-tracking measures in place from day one is key to ensuring your longevity and future operability as you evolve or as the mining markets fluctuate.

Ensuring the right data is captured:
Whether reporting to directors, shareholder, banks or regulatory bodies, Scope Systems exploration ERP solution ensures accurate data is not only captured, but provides a dynamic web-based reporting environment that meets all of your reporting requirements.

Managing your tenements:
Tracking anniversary dates, capturing physical data relating to your drilling operations and managing costs associated with tenements is all integrated with your mining ERP solution, providing a single point to capture, analyse and report on tenements data, including your regulatory Form 5 reporting commitments.

Advanced tracking and management of capital projects:
Greater control of EPCM contracts to ensure that these high value projects run to time and budget to increase the potential of hitting first pour deadlines. Capital acquisition and asset management facilities providing full visibility and maintenance of you assets;

Inventory Management and Procurement controls:
As your workforce on site grows so does the need for larger inventory and purchasing processes, with a Scope Mining ERP the system is able to provide greater control and measures that prevent unnecessary or costly purchases; along with low bandwidth remote access for sites ensuring all key users have access to the functions and data they require but that HO are able to see transactions in real time.

Scaling into a larger workforce with the right tools to manage these resources:
With an increased camp so does the complexity of staff management and HR. Pronto Xi Payroll is able to be upgraded to an enterprise employee portal that allows staff to manage their own leave balances, view pay slips and update personal data reducing the need to increase headcount in the HO to manage these tasks.

Capture and analyze operational data:
This is completed in a way that eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets and multiple levels of data entry. Scope Systems PLODtrack solution not only provides fast accurate data capture, but makes shift or claim reports instantly available. Reduction in shift reporting times means more time for productivity.

Protect your assets and minimize equipment failures:
The solution contains full preventative maintenance management of your assets, whether mobile or fixed, increasing overall productivity and minimizing unplanned costs.

More complex reporting and data analytics:
Requirements can be met with Scope Systems’ suite of BI reports and dashboards that provide interactive analysis, highlighting trends and anomalies.

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