PLODtrack – New version for Surface and Underground Operations

New PLODtrack® version extends functionality for Open Pit and Underground

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Author: Gordon Hay – Development Manager

Scope Systems has released PLODtrack® 1.70, the mine production data tracking and capturing application for recording, managing and processing mine site data for open pit and underground mine operators and contractors. PLODtrack is made available under 3 software editions targeted at the needs of entry level mining operators (single site) ~ “PLODtrack Express”, large scale mining operators (multi-site) ~ “PLODtrack Enterprise” and “PLODtrack Contractor” providing for specific needs of mining contractors. PLODtrack has powerful algorithms reducing data management and handover time for a measurable impact on production, with a single source of truth for real-time decision-making.

PLODtrack enables mine managers, engineers and geologists to have a holistic insight into the current mine’s production, with key indicators through the acquisition of mining data relating to drilling, material movements, ROM management, equipment and personnel.

Some new functional capabilities include:

  • Extended surface mining functionality
  • Near real-time stockpile management
  • Tablet responsive user interface
  • Increased number of analytes tracked
  • PLC programmable logic controller integration
  • Customised application flow as defined by the user

PLODtrack Product Strategy Manager Nick Manifis said,

“We place a lot of emphasis on better understanding our clients’ current and future needs, and their feedback has guided some of the enhancements in PLODtrack 1.70. These new features provide greater control for senior mine personnel and assist to increase production, reduce costs and improve the decision-making process.”

With a large team of consultants with decades of experience in mining, Scope Systems can assist you with your single or multi-site operations. Contact us today to arrange a solution design meeting to see how PLODtrack can work for you.

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