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The capture of carbon emissions and pollutant data can be a time-consuming and difficult process even with the use of specialist carbon tracking tools and support. Using ad-hoc carbon tracking software (such as spreadsheets) to capture and report on your carbon footprint and pollutants, is especially fraught with difficulties. This can result in inaccurate data reporting when addressing your National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme requirements. More critically, these ad hoc tools can significantly weaken the effectiveness of greenhouse gas emissions strategies used to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Scope Systems’ EMMtrack provides an easily accessible method to collate structured carbon emissions and pollutant data with stringent validation process defined within National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGERS) Scheme requirements.

EMMtrack will help define your environmental footprint and work in conjunction with your own in-house specialists or environmental consultants. By introducing EMMtrack as your carbon software solution of choice, you will have a foundation to accurately track your energy usage, implement costs reduction strategies and implement greenhouse gas strategies all within a single solution.


Address all your emissions reporting requirements (found in Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting) all in one package including: o NGERS (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme) o NGA (National Greenhouse Accounts) o EERS (Emissions and Energy Reporting System) o OSCAR (Online System for Comprehensive Activity Reporting) o NPI (National Pollutant Inventory)

Utilising Emmtrack gives organisations the ability to monitor, track and calculate energy usage and emissions based on specific assets and sights. With these insights, implementation of cost reduction and energy efficiency programs can allow organisations to drive increased savings.

Emmtrack allows for complete independently verified compliance (through Energetics Environmental Consultancy).




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