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What is PLODtrack?

PLODtrack is a mine production data tracking and capturing tool that provides data validation, as well as several reconciliation options. Designed with the end user in mind, PLODtrack overcomes the regular issues associated with Spreadsheet applications, giving users a single version of the truth and a more granular, accurate understanding of a mine’s productivity. The easy to use interface allows for rapid data entry, and PLODtrack’s unique data validation engine significantly minimises input errors.  From single-site to multi-site scalability, PLODtrack caters for any mining operation size.

The Story

We at Scope Systems have been approached by a number of our customers in the mining industry to develop a solution that would be easy to use, and could eliminate the regular headaches associated with the day-to-day capturing of mine production data. After significant research, design and investment, we believe we have developed a tool that meets these needs.

The Issue

Capturing, collating and reconciling data can be exceptionally difficult when there are multiple versions of the truth. Added to this, the everyday input of data into a capturing tool or spreadsheet application can be subject to errors. These errors can trickle down through operation history and significantly affect the accuracy of shift or claim reports at the end of each period. These issues in most cases can be fixed, but often result in several hours of productivity lost due to a few simple mistakes.

The Solution

Welcome to PLODtrack

Reconciling validated mine production data has never been easier. Introducing Scope Systems' PLODtrack solution.

Manage, maintain and track KPIs in real-time as the data is uploaded from our easy to use and quick to learn user interface.

Easy to use

PLODtrack was designed primarily with the end user in mind, resulting in a quick to learn, easy to maintain application that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

With minimal training required, users can input data efficiently within minutes.


PLODtrack uses a unique Data Validation Engine in order to control what information is available for selection within the shift Data Entry.

This process minimises the number of errors that can potentially occur, whilst simultaneously accelerating the data entry process.


The application features several reconciliation methodologies that can cater to most mine sites.

Whether you require granular or high level insight for your particular operation is simply up to you.


PLODtrack comes in two versions; Express for single-site mining operations, and Enterprise for multi-site.

Regardless of your operation size, PLODtrack can grow and scale to meet your needs.


Built on Microsoft’s .Net framework, PLODtrack can be integrated with ERP systems such as Pronto Xi and Business Intelligence tools like QlikView & Qlik Sense. Automated claim reports produced through PLODtrack can then be used to generate invoices through Pronto, whilst connectors between Qlik and PLODtrack give you the ability to gain unprecedented understanding of your data without corrupting the original data set.

The Next Step

Want to see more of what PLODtrack can do? We'd love to give you a demonstration.

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PLODtrack addresses the following issues:

  • Broken Excel Links – Far fewer excel spreadsheets in your business
  • Access to set up – Empowered users end to end – you are in control
  • Reconciliation Challenges – Multiple methods to suit the user
  • Late Reports – Instant Shift and Claim Reports minimise the need to use Excel
  • New site set up – Super efficient to set up – completed by the end user
  • Speed of data entry – High speed manual data entry
  • Support and Service – Fully supported by a team with a service desk
  • Scalability – Fully scaleable across multiple mines and locations

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Further Information

To see learn more about PLODtrack’s particular specifications and capabilities, please refer to our product brochure, as well as our other downloadable resources.


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PLODtrack Brochure

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