Unique Pronto Xi Customisations

Scope Systems Unique Pronto ERP development Out-of-the-Box

Scope Systems Custom developed modules to make Pronto ERP work better for you

Over the last 20 years, we have developed a number of modules within the Pronto ERP source code to extend and enhance this ERP software solution.  These modules integrate seamlessly with the core product to provide functionality to suit both specific and generic requirements.  Some have been developed for specific industries, where others are just to extend functionality and make your lives easier.

These are some examples of the modules we have custom built;

Track, manage and report on all your essential physicals and tenement data with Scope Systems’ Tenement Management Software (TMS). Scope Systems have developed a dynamic TMS that seamlessly integrates with your Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to help you monitor your important physical data, allocate costs over tenements and produce your statutory compliance reports.

Scope Systems Purchase Requisition Approval System (PRAS) seamlessly integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to enable tighter security measures by controlling expenses, before they occur, with timely email notifications.

This tool assists with the reconciliation of your GRNI account including flagging all matched transactions.

This Pronto ERP development provides you with the ability to search across Purchase Orders by character string.

This Pronto ERP development synchronises stock codes across multiple datasets on one or many servers.

Track and better manage your exploration drilling in the field. PLOD’s, a Scope Systems purpose built exploratory drilling solution is a fully integrated Pronto Xi module designed to seamless integration with payroll timesheets, inventory usage, accounts receivable and projects.

EMMtrack has been developed in partnership with carbon and energy management specialists Energetics 1o help Finance Executives assess their business' financial and reporting obligations under the ht. 11 can be fully integrated into a general ledger and assets register and as a result this means that the Finance Executive has only one version of the truth providing surety that the data is accurate, reconcilable and auditable.

This Pronto ERP development better enables foreign currency payroll solutions.

This Pronto ERP development was focused around delivering a group of utilities including Session Killer, EFT Transfer, Alias Table editor, Profile editor, GL Detail Enhancement, which do not come standard in Pronto ERP.

With your business information being so valuable, this synchronisation service focuses on synching your servers for Disaster Recovery purposes.

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