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Outside of functional consulting, we offer specialised subject matter consulting in a number of business areas important to our customers.

These areas include, but are not limited to; strategic asset management, supply chain management, finance, human capital and IT architecture.

Asset management

The process of strategically managing your assets is a continuous cycle of improvement. The operations plan dictates your asset tactics, work and shutdown management, defect elimination and business strategy.

Our consultants have specialist knowledge in Pronto Xi, and we’ve expanded our skillset to include strategic asset management. Whether fixed or mobile, we can systematically identify issues, build asset management plans and re-align operations processes with our customers.

Asset Management provides:

Supply chain

Ensuring the supply and availability of Inventory is critical to the success of most inventory based businesses. The Supply Chain which links the movements of product and inventory from a business’s suppliers, through to the consumption of that item needs to be well defined and managed.

Our models help our customers to plan out their inventory needs by working through each step of the supply chain, defining areas for improvement, enabling tracking of goods, and applying the appropriate costing to the process to find efficiencies.


The traditional model of accounting to prepare the books for statutory requirements has been extended to an area providing the business Framework to ensure success. Ensuring the right information is made available to the business to make appropriate decisions through to putting in place the correct disciplines to ensure that the business is protected from unwanted influence.

Scope Systems can provide guidance on appropriate frameworks and governance models across departments within the organisation. In today’s world, the security of systems is extremely important. Some of our technology solutions focus on bringing forward potential risks within the business before they become a real issue, identifying areas for improvement.

Human capital

A large part of every organisation is the quality of their People. Ensuring systems are in place to drive efficiency in the areas of Recruitment, On-boarding, Off-Boarding, Performance Management and Training can provide benefits to our customers.

Scope Systems can assist with solutions for Payroll and Human Resources to drive these efficiencies. Extending to this, the introduction of areas such as training programs and the use of technology in appropriate places to provide eLearning capability to employees is something we can assist with.

IT architecture

All businesses are not the same, and therefore selecting the right level of IT architecture to support the business should be carefully considered. Our customers face many similar challenges, which Scope Systems have spent a lot of R&D to resolve. Some of these challenges include:

Our team can assist customers who are looking to scale out their business, in providing solutions that can handle these and many other challenges.

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