Change Management

Scope Systems understands the importance of change management to any organisational changes. Our professional change managers engage with our customers to focus on key elements to help drive the benefits of technology, systems and business functional updates.

Our change management approach helps

  • Develop an urgency and energy to create momentum for change
  • Encourage people to sustain their energy throughout the transition state
  • Encourage people to move forward, rather than go back to the feelings of comfort and control of the current state
  • Demonstrate that there is a necessary level of shared agreement and sponsorship to achieve in order to proceed
  • Guide the actions of local sponsors and their teams during change
  • Foster peoples support to an initiative when they see that the behaviors of those leading the change efforts are aligned
  • Enable change leaders to help people overcome periodic difficulties when adjusting the the change

We believe that in order to have an effective organisational change management approach, your business must undertake a thorough planning exercise and assessment (baseline) of current stakeholders’ views and their alignment to the objectives. Focusing on a shared change purpose where the people involved in the change understand the necessity of the change and how to get there together with ensuring the enablement of effective change leadership where the leader will provide direction, guidance and support for the people who are implementing the change, and those who are transitioning through the change.

We tailor our approach to deal with the size of project that is incorporating the change, ensuring the key elements of change are undertaken to provide success.


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