ERP and BI Development Services

Developing software to work better for you

We recognise that there are instances where your business requirements and objectives require solutions that are not offered in out-of-the-box ERP software packages.  For this reason, we have a software development team that specialises in extending the capabilities of your system. We develop solutions that integrate, using a number of development models depending on the type and scope of the extension required.

Pronto Xi customisations

We have direct access to Pronto Xi source code, allowing us to make changes to Pronto Xi to tailor bespoke solutions for our customers.  We have a portfolio of over 1,000 customisations enabling us to deliver solutions in a ready timeframe. We work directly with the relevant parts of your business to deliver customisations that provide new or changed functionality to extend the capabilities of your system. We have delivered solutions ranging from simple functions to new business process flows or entirely new applications.

Business intelligence customisations

Business Intelligence solutions such as QlikView and Microsoft Power BI enable effective business decision making through dynamic reporting and analytics. Scope Systems provides professional Business Intelligence software support, advice and implementation services and we have successfully implemented business intelligence solutions for over 100 organisations throughout Australia. 

Data architecture

We help customers in the separation of their online transaction processing environment and their online analytical processing environment.  We are skilled in the development of data warehouses and data lakes.

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