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Scope Systems supports over 300 customers globally with site product implementations in 33 different countries across, Asia, North America, Europe, Africa Australia & New Zealand.


We tailor our support service offerings specifically to the needs of our customers but generally are based on:

Pre-paid packaged support hours at discounted rates

This helps our clients in simplifying administration.  You can simply pre-purchase a block of support hours at a discounted rate which you draw down on the balance each time you raise a support request with our Support Service Desk.

Contracted Support Services Arrangements

We understand that many of our customers have very specific needs. They may operate around the clock, or have offices located around the globe. The uptime of their systems are critical to the success of their business and may require service level agreements with commitments in support incident response times. We offer three contracted services however our these can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Server Monitoring and Active Management

Where the uptime of your servers is critical to the support of your systems environment, we offer a proactive monitoring and reporting service across your server platform to ensure operational availability. This includes – System Monitoring Services, Quarterly System Reporting Services, and Basic Administration Services. Many typical housekeeping administration tasks are quite often over looked and become a problem when critical operational processes can’t complete. By us managing this on your behalf your server support team can focus on other priorities.

Premium Support Services

This service contract is to guarantee the availability of a support representative at all hours contactable via phone who will receive a support incident and assign this to an appropriate support services representative. In addition to the services offered through our Server Monitoring and Active Management service, we offer an Extended Administration function.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Services

All our Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service is based on a fully redundant, convergent technology platform across two separate locations. We also offer customers Backup as a Service in using our infrastructure as a secondary backup facility for a customer on-premise ERP implementation.

Accessing Support Services

You can log a service request via one of the following methods:

Supported Software Versions

We will support all Supported Versions of the Software under an active maintenance contracts as listed on the Vendors website. All vendors have a software lifecycle as listed on their website that they will continue to extend support for.  It is important that you do review this to understand when the version of your software is no longer supported.  Please consult the vendors site for the most current and accurate information.

Current Software Versions

  • Pronto Xi 760.3
  • QlikView version 12.00 SR5
  • PLODtrack Version 1.7.

Vendor Software Support Lifecycle

Supported Versions

Pronto Xi

Pronto Software will support all customers with an active Maintenance Agreement, regardless of their Pronto Xi version, as set out in that agreement.


Qlik supports every version of QlikView from 11.2 onwards.

Scope Systems Software (PLODtrack, EMMtrack, FUELtrack)

PLODtrack - all versions supported

Access our product end user license agreements for more details.

Software Maintenance

It is important that you maintain an active software maintenance contract across your products. Software maintenance provides an entitlement to use the latest version of the software as released by the vendor of the term of your maintenance contract. It also enables access to patches released to correct any software faults. Software maintenance does not grant you free support (unless provided for under a separate contract) or the provision of services in upgrading to a newer version of the software.

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