Who is Obzervr?

Obzervr is a leading digital field work platform that unifies all the aspects of frontline work into one easy-to-use mobile application. Obzervr’s digital work execution strengthens processes and connects site personnel to remote operating teams and the machines they work on. Obzervr provides Scope Systems’ customers with an end-to-end solution that standardises work management processes to gain control of the basics, improve consistency and focus on higher outputs. Scope Systems and Obzervr work together to provide a solution at every step of the value chain.

The Scope Systems & Obzervr Partnership

Obzervr was selected as one of Scope Systems on-sell solutions as part of their Mining Solution Stack and offered to Scope System clients when they require a solution that can be quickly deployed in any business to add value across their operations, production, safety, assets and people/ culture.

Obzervr is often brought in as a supporting solution to deliver transparency across an operation and connect field teams to their head-office business systems, to the machines they work on and to each other, allowing for a safer, more efficient and productive operation.

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How does the Obzervr/Scope Systems partnership work?

For over 5 years, Obzervr and Scope Systems have partnered on a number of mutual customer projects to meet their objectives in a 360-degree approach.

Scope Systems provides Pronto ERP, BI and business transformation consulting through subject matter expertise. Our rigorous approach to managing projects ensures success from initial implementation, through to post go-live support. As an experienced systems integrator, Scope Systems has developed a strict regime in how we adopt partners who will deliver solutions that are:

How is the partnership a 360 degree solution?

No longer will you be searching for a mobility app, exploration platform, and a construction enterprise solution, as stand alone projects in hope that they all eventually integrate and work seamlessly together.

Scope Systems allows you to see the best solutions on the market, side-by-side, with professionals guiding you every step of the way. When Scope Systems comes to Obzervr with a new customer, all due diligence has been done and the solution is the right option, at the right time.

Working together, Scope Systems and Obzerver deliver a partnership that has innovation consciousness and customer centricity at the forefront of every transaction.

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