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Business Management Software Solution Specialists

Our experience, products and expertise makes us the preferred software solutions partner for over 300 companies globally.
With over 20 years’ of experience, in delivering services across 33 different countries we add significant value through our industry expertise and technology intellectual property.

A Quick Snapshot of Our Company

As Business Management Software Solution Specialists. We deliver innovative solutions leveraging the world’s leading “best of breed” technologies furnishing real business value centred on Enterprise Resources Planning, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure Management.  Our solutions incorporate Microsoft, Pronto, Qlik, IBM and Nutanix software technology platforms.

Generalists. By nature of our company name “Scope Systems”, we focus on selected technologies and services with a goal to maintain a reputation of being the best within the industry for each of these fields.

Our corporate capability and dedication to exceeding customer expectations in engagement outcomes.

Us in More Detail

Our history. Established in 1994, our head office is based in Perth, Western Australia with other offices located in Brisbane, Queensland and Johannesburg, South Africa.  Our customers represent numerous industry verticals including Mining & Exploration, Engineering, Distribution, Ship Building, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Retail & Wholesale, Food Services, Government, Education, Energy and Logistics.  Our talent pool encompasses industry specific subject matter expertise, in-depth technology competencies and cultural familiarity supporting customer operations worldwide.

Our services. All our services are governed under a quality assurance framework, ensuring compliance in usage of industry methodologies in our consulting, support, software development and research & development divisions together with our project management office. Our internal systems are ITIL compliant.

Our consulting services span across selected technologies - ERP (Pronto XI and Microsoft GP), BI (Qlik and IBM Cognos), and Infrastructure (Nutanix). Our consultants have achieved the certification accreditation requirements of our vendors, but many are accredited under other industry practices such as Prince2 and Certified Practicing Accountants. With more than 30 consultants, we offer customers scale, in-depth specialisation, highly mobile team for global projects and competitive rate structures.

Every business is unique. Our software development division helps customer fully exploit their investment in an ERP implementation by customising the software around their operations requirements. We achieve this by the fact we have access to Pronto’s product source code. We further offer customers, packaged extensions to the base product specific to industry requirements.

We offer a 7 days a week, 24 hour help desk support service. This can be accessed through phone, email or client "login" portal, you will find the link to it on top of the page.

As your technology partner it’s our responsibility to research new industry trends to assist you in transforming your business exploiting market growth opportunities and extending the life of your software investment. This division takes responsibility for new product development focused on industry specific functional requirements – examples such as carbon reporting and fuel reconciliation solutions, mining production data capture and reporting etc.

We proactively manage the day-to-day running of our customer’s server infrastructure leaving them to concentrate on their core business. We offer new convergent technology solutions alleviating business continuity risks ensuring high availability and reliability. We support different deployment methods – on-premise, hybrid hosted, ASP – extending choice. By leveraging our fully redundant computing facilities we can offer scaling elasticity, consumption based pricing models, worldwide access and other capabilities to support the growth of your business.

Our technology partners. We partner with technology industry leaders such as Microsoft, Pronto, Qlik, IBM, Nutanix, HP, and Redhat. Our consultants are certified to each vendor’s accreditation requirements.

Our corporate ethos. We fully respect the trust customers bestow in us as their technology partner, and underpin this by our three promises. Customers are the central focal point in every aspect of our business and we pride ourselves on maintaining a positive NPS (net promoter score) year on year.  We have long established customer partnerships since our business commenced.

Our values. Our values are in support of our corporate ethos to ensure we exceed customer expectations; we do the rights things for the right reasons; we own our reputation for consistency and accountability; we are committed to all aspects of our business.

Our corporate responsibility. We are an environmentally conscious business, supported by stringent ethical standards. Examples of commitments to reducing our carbon footprint include initiatives such as – a fleet of hybrid cars available for official use, employee car pooling encouraged, full reimbursement for public transport to employees, our offices are supported with green power drawn from solar energy – amongst others.

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