Delivery Capability

Our first corporate value “Service Excellence” underpins our whole customer engagement philosophy of delivering value and quality in the execution of our services. We constantly survey our customers on completion of work, not only to ensure that we surpass customer expectations, but also to provide valuable input into our continuous operational improvement program.

What customers say about our services?

Project Delivery

As part of the sign-off and completion process of all projects we survey four key components:

  • Achievement of agreed project outcomes – Did we achieve the project deliverables and within the agreed timeframes? Was the quality of work executed at a high standard, with adherence to prescriptive guidelines and standards? Our current average across all surveyed projects has a satisfactory approval rating of 92%.

  • Performance of our consultants –  Were our consultants technically proficient with a sound knowledge of industry practices? Did they extend added value in their engagement sharing best practices, new practical ideas and concepts leading to operational improvements? Our current average across all surveyed projects has an approval rating of 81%.

  • Engagement experience – Beyond achieving the project outcomes, was the overall client experience positive and did we uphold our corporate value of service excellence. Our current average approval rating is 91%.

  • Would you recommend our services to a colleague – Based on the delivery success of the project and the customer experience through the lifecycle of the project, would our customer recommend us? Our current positive acknowledgement to this question is 92%.


We ask for feedback at the completion of support incidents. Did we resolve the customers issue to their satisfaction? Our help desk runs at an average approval rating of 86%.

Resolution Satisfaction Rating of 86%

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